This is my game board set up. I am using A&AM figures to play a game that is a cross
between Memoir 44 and A&AM. The main rules are from A game named War to Axis,
and have been modified by me and our group. The game board is used for all of my
games now, Memoir 44, A&AM, Battle Cry, and Vive L, emperor, War to Axis, and
The battle was on the eastern Front and loosely based during the Battle of Kursk occuring
around June of 1944.
We played a 500 hundred point game. I use a mixture of Flames of War miniatures and  
A&AM miniatures. I am leaning toward just maybe selling off my A&AM miniatures, and just
purchasing more of the Flames of War Miniatures, being able to choose more of the units that
I want, which will cost me less in the long run. I like the painted miniatures, and the A&AM
game play, but I dislike the lack of scale between the vehicles.
I am had started working out board using the 4 inch hexes, having painted and flocked about
2/3 thirds of them, before I discovered a company that makes a set of flocked 4 inch hexes in
plastic. I am doing two more boards, one using the hexes that I had to paint and flock from
GHQ terrain Maker. and a second set using the flocked plastics.

This picture shows the battle around one of the city objective. My Russians arrived in the city
first, but were forced out of part of the city, but dug in the other half and were able to hold the
city denying the Germans the victory points.
Here you get a view showing most of the table, There is a fourth town that did not make the photo located in German control in the lower right corner.  The
center city of Bogoroditskoye is being contested. The Russians gained early control of the city, but where forced out of part of the city. The held the rest of
the city and denied the city to the Germans. A unit of T34's are enroute to relieve the city defenders, and I believe would have been able to retake the city if
time had not run out. All in all we had lot of fun playing out this game