How to Build the 3D buildings
This is the texture sheet after printing it out from MS
Publisher 98 and cut to size 4 X 5. I the peel the paper
off of the back and stick it to the back side of the green
piece shown in the picture to the left.
This shows the back of the foamcore pieces front and
back. I stick the textured piece to a large piece and cut
out the pieces, the finished pieces look like those
This shows the overlap, which gives a cleaner finish.
It also allows it to line up with the floor as shown later.
After sticking the front pieces to the foam core, I measure
in 3/16" from the outside edge, this allows the front to
overlap the side and gives a cleaner look, as shown in the
next photo to the right.
This is a floor piece. I print it out using MS Publisher
98, then cut to size and spray adhesive onto the
back before sticking to a piece of formcore. Notice
that I use a piece that is slightly bigger and then cut it
down to the correct size after gluing down the floor.
This is a picture showing how they fit together after cutting
out the 3/16" from the front piece. The outside edge looks
like the previous picture after they are glued using hot
melt glue gun.
Here you can see how all pieces line up correctly with
the overlap. I use the glue gun to attach the three
sides to the floor.
Here you can see that it matches up with the floor
squares. Notice that if you did not have the front overlap,
that the side pieces would have to be cut down to fit
between the front and back piece and still would not line
up as shown in the next photo.
The finished product being used in my latest game. The far building was a prison where the Joker, Mad hatter,
Two-face, Riddler, and penguin. They had to escape to the second floor met up and free the three brawn type
figures, then escape to the first floor to free up three female villains. They were broken down into three villain
teams, against a batman, robin, and batgirl team, and a team of police lead by commish Gordon.

The goal was to escape across the board. The villains could win as a group and also as a single win for