2004 Photos
Kublacon 2004
The following pictures where taken over Memorial Weekend
at the Hyatt in Burlingame during the Kublacon Convention.

Heroclix Tournaments where held, Friday, Saturday, and
Sunday. All of the tournaments had a good turnout, and
everyone enjoyed themselves.
In the picture above, everyone is around the city listening
while the judge explains the rules for the upcoming battle.

This event was held on a 6 foot by 9 foot table. The players
had 800 point forces of either Heroes or villains.

The end table had a primary objective of capturing the
kingpin and get him off their side of the table (worth 50 pts).

The middle table, had the heroes protecting the commissioner
from being kidnapped.

The end table had the villains attempting to rob the First
National Bank for an extra 50 pts.
These are pictures of the setup from different angles.

We ended up with 10 players, 5 per side. The game
lasted 10 turns and took about 3 hours.
The bus and ambulance shown on the picture to
the left played an important part.

The bus moved at the end of the turn to the bus
stop striking any figure still in the roadway for 4

The next turn the bus  continued until it came to the
end of the city street, at which time it would turn
around and start on its' route back.

The ambulance moved at the end of the turn also,
and the paramedics would heal (1D6) all who were
within 1 square as it came to rest.
This is a picture of the inside of the Police Tower.
The elevators allow access to the floors.
This is the back side of City Hall on the left and Police
Tower with the wall removed for access to the inside
Below, you have Superman talking with the kingpin,
explaining why he needs to come with him, while outside
the Batgirl takes a break with Tony at the Hot Dog stand.
Prizes for this event were given out to the best overall
personal score, and a team prize was given out to everyone
on the winning team.

Also as the game played out, I had Simpson characters at
various spots on the map. The Simpson characters all had
the KC ability, but once that was overcome and the player
ended their turn next to the character, he would turn up the
Simpson Character and look on the base to see what prize
they had won (prizes included anything from LE's to Booster

Prizes were also hidden on various objects scatter around
the board.
So ends day one. I will post more pictures of day 2 later.