Below are some pictures of a city layout using buildings built by myself.  These buildings are a mix of my first
generation (buildings did not come apart to allow movement inside), and second generation (building walls,
and roof come off to allow movement inside the buildings). My third generation buildings are in the works,
these are a set of large indoor buildings detailed out  . I love details, newstands, telephone booths, snack
machines, and other details inside stores.
Well, here is the finished product or I should say
almost completed project for my upcoming
tournaments to be held over the weekend of 28th at
the Kublacon Convention .

This is a overall picture (I have to apologize for the
poor pictures, but as you can see my work area has
been overrun with on going projects) of the city as
seen from the southeast corner. The large building
is the courthouse and the inside rooms need to be
finished. The building across the street to the south
is Grand Hotel..
This is an overall view looking back from the
northeast corner. You can see the park behind
the Grand Hotel, and Tony's Hot Dog stand in the
southeast corner of the park.

The Greens apartment complex can be seen in
the northwest corner.
This is an overview looking back from the northwest
corner. The flat building is City Hall and the tall
brown building is what I named the FIsk Tower (I
know it doesn't look like the one in the book, but
Wilson Fisk purchased this one).
A couple of photos showing the street
corner downtown in front of the Courthouse
and City Hall.
What the inside of the buildings look like.
A closer view of Tony's Hot Dog Stand. I
have a Cook holding a hot dog that goes
inside. I have an ice cream vendor that will
be in the park also, I need to mount him on
a base first.

I have acquired a number of plastic
buildings in "O" scale used for Railroad
Train sets. I am adding floors to them and
trying them out. They don't have the grid
lines on the outside, but I don't think it will
be a problem. I keep a small heroclix gauge
handy to check movement and range.
Looking down main street, a birdseye view.

The picture below is the same picture, but I
am looking down onto main street.

Well that is all for now, I am attempting to
finish my indoor sets before the coming

I will post them when they are finished. I will
also be posting more tournament
photographs on my return from Kublacon.