Misc Game Photographs
These are pictures from a game between me and a long time friend and fellow Heroclix player. The game board is 4 feet wide and 8
feet long. We are using a team of 500 points (Shield (Mike) vs Hydra (John)).
He was using a few hired characters, as was I. I used a
collection of characters from the Sinsiter Syndicate, who
had been hired by Hydra to enter the brownstone and
retrieve an artefact from within. Hydra led by Lady Hydra
herself was running a diversion by robbing the first national

I had to enter the bank, remove the loot and escape to the
far corner of the table. I also had to remove the artefact
and remove it from the far left corner of the board (this
would be the park area to your left as you are looking at
the map).

Shield was not allowed to enter the brownstone until
someone from within the brownstone alerted them to their

Shield was unable to controll weapon X, who promptly ran
into the brownstone and got shot to pieces for his trouble.
Shield Sets up in the park across from the brownstone. An informat has
alerted them that member's of the sinister syndicate are attempting to
aquire an artefact from within.
Pictures of a building named the brownstone. It is two stories with an elevator. I have two gold Toad Statues overlooking the front
entrance. The other picture shows the second lifts off to get at the level below.
Here the brownstone has been taken over by the King Pin and his group of Sinister Syndicate
members who were hired by Hydra to retrieve an artefact, while they knocked off the first
national bank located in the upper left corner as a diversion. This was part of a 500 point
Shield / Heroes vs Hydra / Sinister Syndicate Game that was played recently by my gaming
group. We played using the Indy clix rules.
This building is the First National Bank that Hydra has assaulted in order to divert attention away from the brownstone. The bank
defenders are lead by Capt. America. The Police sergeant is a converted figure.