Darkstar Gaming
Darkstar Gaming is a gaming club that I started 18 years ago. The club
has been active in promoting many games and game systems.

The club has promoted tournaments for BFG, Warhammer, Warhammer 40K,
Necromunda, and more recently, Heroclix and Mechwarrior from Wizkids.

I am currently promoting Heroclix more than the others, which brings
me to re-doing the clubs website.

Please bear with me as I attempt to bring this site up.  I have posted
pictures of heroclix type buildings and a map that I created  and used
at Kublacon. I will post more pictures of other tournaments as I get

12/12/05: I am currently deeply involved in Memoir 44, Battle Cry, and
a new game called Axis and Allies Miniatures. I am currently building
game boards to be used with all three of these games and possibly
others that use this same system of play. Check out the WWII game
board link for photos.

01/15/07: I will be updating this website with new pictures from some
of my current games. I am currently involved with building my 3D
terrain for our games of the Command and colors game system. This
terrain can also be used with Axis and Allies Miniatures as well.